Water Shield Filters
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Based On Proven Technology

CanGlobal Filters are designed to remove water and particulate from Gasoline, Diesel, Hydraulic, Lubricating Oil, Pneumatic and Breather applications and Ethanol, Methanol or MTBE blended and reformulated gasolines. Incorporating CanGlobal filters into your preventive maintenance program will reduce repairs, downtime and extend your equipment life.

This technology is not biodegradable and removes water by hydrogen bonding to the H2O disposed in an approved landfill.  By introducing materials within the filtration media we are able to hydrogen bond with the H2O molecule, when water passes through the filters membranes with oil, fuel, or air.  This bonding results from negative valiant groups within the filter media, exerting an attractive field that bonds to the H2O molecule within the media so strongly, that operating pressures will not force the water out.  The ability to affect a positive retention of water even under operating pressures causes an increased pressure gauge reading as the filter reaches water-holding capacity.  This then becomes a built in alarm, that the filter should be changed.

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