Filtration / Oil / Environmental Chemical Flushing Service
Offshore Platforms , FPSO, Vessels, Cranes, Turbines, Well Control Panels, etc.
Canglobal can achieve oil cleanliness levels: ISO 10/ 7/ 0 or well below NAS 0. Our technology can achieve unprecedented cleanliness. During the Commissioning or Maintenance phase to ensure that systems are clean before start-up.

Pre filtration and flushing is a well proven and very effective cleaning method, oil and environmental chemicals can circulate though the system, by means of turbulent flow at a set target cleanliness and or temperature. During the circulation the oil and or Environmental Chemical or oil is filtered and particles and contamination removed. The final product will be a clean system according to the predetermined specifications of the specific equipment and or machinery.

Our filtration and flushing services are monitored and documented through a laboratory calibrated onsite particle counter. This guarantees the customer reel time results.

Facility Commissioning
Before a facility can begin operation, any protective coatings, fabrication and installation debris or scales present are often removed.

If this was not done either the efficiency of production would be lessened or the plant itself could be damaged.

One example is the removal of rust and coatings from high pressure gas compressor suction pipework.
Environmental Chemical
Innovative and cost effective solutions are what we offer to our customers.

With our Environmental Flushing Solution we are able to reduce chemical and schedule waste, ultimately reducing operational and project costs. Our standards focus on the environment and health and safety.

  • Online / Offline Filtration
  • Oil Flushing
  • Environmental Chemical Flushing
  • Moisture Removal
  • Particulate Removal
  • Tubing
  • Oil Flushing
  • Pipes
  • Pipe systems
  • Umbilicals
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Trouble free start-up of systems
  • Clean systems extend bearing lifespans
  • Continuous operations
  • Clean and reliable piping systems
  • Experienced personnel and fit for purpose equipment
  • Particle and water content analyses by use of onsite laboratory equipment
  • Documented process
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