Norman Filter
Norman Filter Norman Filter Company Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor. Manufacturer, Supplier, Service, Laboratory Testing, Filtration | Canglobal
  • Stainless Steel Elements
  • Sintered Filter Elements
  • Sintered Tin Bronze Elements
  • Metal Fiber Felt Elements
  • Nickel 200 Filter Elements
Norman Filter Co. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of filter elements to a variety of industries.  These filter elements can be manufactured to fit your existing application and filter housing. 
A wide range of filter media is available including
  • 316 stainless steel wire mesh
  • Nickel 200 wire mesh
  • 316 stainless steel sintered tube
  • Sintered Tin Bronze (pictured below)
  • Nickel 200 sintered tube
  • 316 stainless steel metal fiber felt
  • micro glass
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  1. Spin-On Filters, Low Pressure
  2. Tee-Type Filters, Medium Pressure     
  3. Tee-Type Filters; Mini, High Pressure
  4. In-Line Filters; Mini, High Pressure   
  5. In-Line Filters; Straight, High Pressure
  6. Cryogenic In-Line Filters
  7. High Flow, High Pressure Filters
  8. In-Line Filter, Very High Pressure
  9. Tee-Type Filters, High Pressure
  10. Tee-Type Filters, High Pressure   
  11. Tee-Type Coalescing Filters
  12. Tee-Type Dual Element Filter Assemblies
  13. Spin-On Filters, Low Pressure  
  14. Tank Breather Adapter
  15. Suction Strainers, Low Pressure
  16. Tank Top Filters  
  17. AS1098 Seal Ring Product Announcement
  18. Filter Discs, High Pressure
  19. High Viscosity Gear & Lube Oil Filtration Systems
  20. Filtration Systems Filter Carts Hand-Held & Panel Mounted
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